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GEODynamics releases composite frac plug system

GEODynamics has released the EVOLV+FracTrap Zone Isolation System, which provides both ball retrieval and composite plug technology in one tool. This combination eliminates traditional risks with the additional benefit that allows operators to test casing pressure prior to perforating operations.

The new frac plug technology is optimized for the entire lifecycle from run, set, test, hold, and mill. The slip technology prevents pre-sets, allowing for indefinite hold time under pressure. Having run ball-on-seat, operators are able to ensure the plug has been properly set and sealed prior to perforating operations. Then, once the hydraulic fracturing procedure has been completed, the mule shoe design provides positive lock-up for drill out of the plug. Consistent drill out times for a fully composite plug is between eight to 12 minutes with a favorably sized debris matrix returned from cleanout operations. Depending upon well completion requirements, the system is available in either composite or cast-iron slip models.

“The combination of this new technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing enabled us to develop a composite plug with unmatched capabilities with regards to reducing pre-sets while holding up to the rigor of positive zonal isolation throughout the fracturing process,” stated Raymond Shaffer, VP of Completion Tools. “We are very confident in the benefits this system provides operators. It is one of most fully developed solutions in our catalog with over 7,000 plugs deployed to date,” Mr Shaffer said.

The system’s water and time-saving technology allows the frac ball to be conveyed down with the perforating equipment to mitigate the risk of costly intervention should an unforeseen event prevent injecting into the well. The method of pumping the ball-on-seat is a field-proven and time-saving technique; however, until now it bore a considerable cost risk should injection failures occur. EVOLV+FracTrap’s patented setting adapter and ball retrieval technology reduces this risk. Utilizing this new system, the frac ball confidently can be run-on-seat using significantly less water and time.

The overall economic benefit of the technology varies depending upon several factors, such as size of casing, length of lateral and whether the ball is being pumped from surface or only along the lateral. The company uses computer modeling software to estimate job savings based on detailed input that is specific to the well’s construction. Conservative estimates for a well with 5.5-in. casing and the ball pumped from the surface show savings of 14.5 hours of pumping time and over 12,600 bbl of water. Employing the new technology has potential savings up to $100,000 per well.

The technology has proven its worth to operators that have employed the system when perforating guns have failed to fire, where more than 30 successful ball retrievals have been performed. With the new system in the tool string, operators followed simple retrieval procedures. Successful ball retrieval occurs by flowing at a rate of approximately 2 bbl/min for two to three minutes. Following the retrieval process, fluid was then injected into the well at 2 bbl/min for three minutes. No increase in pressure was observed, indicating the ball had been caught. Once the wireline was pulled from the well, it was confirmed, mitigating the costly need to mill the plug and reset a new one on coiled tubing.

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