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1): Del distribuidor de herramientas de perforación de diamante y DTH de los Emiratos Árabes Unidos

Dear Peter Chan,

We both think in one direction. Can we get a drawing for what you explained below.

Appreciate whole heartedly for your efforts. Normally one doesn’t go for these kind of assistance. They would say, no, it is not in our product range and finish it off. But you are different. Your are trying and spending time to understand the customer requirement. Thank you for such an approach in business. Please keep it up.

Best regards / Sayed

2): De Francia distribuidor de herramientas de perforación DTH

Dear Peter,

I hope you're doing well !

First of all I wish to inform you our client is very satisfied with the GV-Mission 60 Hammer we ordered, the performances are as goos as announced.

Today I need  to send you a new order for this hammer, drill bits and spare parts. Please find

enclosed our order n°02 where the prices for the spare parts need to be completed.

Can you send me your proforma invoice in order to add the missing prices ?

Best regards,

Cécile BOULE

3): De Austria distribuidor de herramientas de perforación DTH

Hi Peter,

everything is o.k thank you. I did not see the hammer working myself (I am on BAUMA in Munich)

but no news are good news!

Have a good weekend!


4): Usuario final de herramientas de perforación de diamante y DTH de EE. UU.

Hi Peter,

The Core bits are working okay.  We are still testing.  I’m planning on putting another order together in the near future.  I am also interested in.

Can you please price:

1) GV-DHD 3.5

1) GV-QL6

Thank you and have a great day!

Dustin Negley

5): De Serbia usuario final de herramientas de perforación de diamante

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your fast feedback.

Correct, we need attached version because we have it already in accounting and customs system.

Equipment is on the field and impressions are very well. Your gear is doing fine.

We will most likely make another order later this year.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Pozdrav/Best regards,

Aleksandar Urošević

6): De Canadá usuario final de herramientas de perforación de diamante

Good morning

I just wondering if you are open still and making bits.  If so what would the shipping time to

Canada be at this time.  Right now over here we are in the middle of the virus going on and only

essential work is going on we have half of our crews out working.  I have been out some the last

while and run your shoes and bits and liked the way they wore they are much better quality than

they ones we are currently using.  Let me know what the manufacture and shipping time would be

on shoes and bits right now.  We would be looking to order maybe 50 of each I think.



7): De Argentina usuario final de herramientas de perforación con núcleo de diamante

Estimado Peter,

Muchas gracias por su correo e información.

Ya hemos utilizado algunas de vuestras coronas y hemos tenido un muy comportamiento.

En cuanto necesitemos nuevamente coronas u otras herramientas ofrecidas por Uds

seguramente nos pondremos en contacto

Saludos cordiales,

Ing. Pablo L. Torres

8): De Azerbaiyán usuario final de herramientas de perforación con núcleo de diamante

Dear Peter,

How are you? Hope you are doing well.

Please find attached file of new order. Wrenches is good. We would like to test your drill bits.

Please sign, stamp and send it back with Proforma Invoice.

Best Regards,

Vugar Aghabayov


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